Corporate decision makers often rely on a diverse team of independent advisors to guide them through the complex maze of benefit strategies, services and compliance issues.  American Global has all the resources necessary to coordinate all of your company’s benefit needs.

Our focus is on three primary areas: 

1. Retirement Plan Consulting and Management

We assist you with effectively designing, implementing, monitoring and managing your 401(k) and 403(b) savings and retirement plans. We guide you in the selection of investment vehicles and evaluate their costs and efficiency. In partnership with some of the leading 401(k) providers, we also help educate your employees to empower them to make informed decisions regarding the plan while always seeking to protect you from fiduciary and regulatory risk.

2. Hybrid Healthcare Solutions

Health care costs are among the top concerns of businesses. We review your current health plan and devise strategies for controlling and managing future costs and benefits through the use of self-funded plans. In a self-funded plan, you cover the claims in your health care plan (up to a certain level). Employees still contribute as they would for a traditional plan. A properly designed self-funded plan may reduce costs while still providing quality benefits by tailoring the solutions to your unique situation and needs. We assist you in determining whether this is the right approach for your business.

3. Supplemental Insurance and Retirement Programs for Executives and Directors

We focus on insurance financing, enhanced disability insurance, non-qualified deferred compensation plans, and supplemental executive retirement strategies for corporations. We examine the design and funding structures and develop cost effective solutions that provide additional benefits to executives and directors that attract and retain key employees.

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