Risk management

Our holistic approach goes beyond just spreadsheeting and finding the lowest cost alternatives for our clients’ insurance needs. We offer an advanced advocacy team who will work directly with the underwriters of each of the insurance companies to ensure you obtain the most appropriate offer possible. With an increasingly complex insurance market, it is critical to have an advocate like us with first-hand life insurance underwriting experience who understands how insurance companies divide customers into different risk categories, and can help promote a desirable risk rating on your behalf.

We advise clients on the best use of insurance, including:

1. Life Insurance

When properly owned and funded, life insurance provides liquidity when you need it most as well as some unique tax advantages. 

2. Disability Insurance

Long term disability insurance protects your earned income in the event you cannot work due to accident or illness.

3. Long-term Care Insurance

Long Term Care is a continuum of care services and housing you will need when you live a long life. LTC Insurance may provide benefits to assist in paying charges for Home HealthCare, Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Day Care and Nursing Home Care. 

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