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michael wanko

Vice President – Claims Manager – American Global of New York LLC


Mike joined American Global with over 28 years of experience in the insurance industry.  He started his journey in the claim industry in Los Angles as a clerk for an International TPA and soon became the Claims Administrator for American Honda Motor Corp. representing multiple carriers in numerous layers of coverage on ATV, Auto and Motorcycle products cases in North America. After moving to New York in 1996 he opened his own consulting firm and worked with several IA firms to implement TPA Services, Litigation Management Services and Case Audit Assessments.  He concentrated on the Construction Industry and Labor Law Cases.  At the urging of his clients, in 2007 he started Gotham Claims Service which specializes in TPA & Investigation services for various Construction Company Self-Insured Entities as well as direct assignments from several Insurance Carriers.  Over the past 8 years Mike has monitored 19 trials involving New York Labor Law.  He has prepared and implemented Best Practices, Qualitative and Quantitative standards for claims handling, and Litigation Management Practices.  What makes Mike unique in this industry is his current ability to perform a Labor Law field investigation, adjust a claim, run a TPA and associated responsibilities along with providing monitoring trial support to clients and carriers.   

Mike holds an Opera Performance degree from the University of Mo. - St. Louis, with continuing education from the Conservatory of Music at the University of Mo., Kansas City.  He has also completed various specialized courses and seminars with the Insurance Educational Association (IEA), Insurance Law and various Law Courses, (IEA \ UCLA Law School), as well as continuing various specialized courses and seminars.  Mike is a licensed New York State Adjuster and also maintains an active career as a Professional Opera Singer.